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Ring Diffusers

Get a two-in-one treat in these jewellery diffusers that will leave your house feeling like a home and your finger with a new sparkly rock to flaunt! Created for our customers who do not prefer candles, these diffusers are an equally premium alternative. Diffusers are safer for smoke and fire-free homes while still creating captivating fragrances that last throughout the room.


Just like our candles, our diffusers are formulated with premium fragrance oils that bloom constantly in the air through high-quality fibre reeds. These reeds are housed in a timeless jar design that will fit perfectly as an accent to your home decor.

Match your mood with a variety of scents such as our best-sellers Snow Fairy, Mermaid Kisses and Love SpellThese signature scents wafting in the air will help you relax, be productive, and refresh throughout the day.

To reveal your sparkly surprise, your piece of 925 sterling silver jewellery awaits in a secured pouch. Each ring, necklace, or pair of earrings can be worth £50 up to £3000 and can have gemstones such as opals, topazes, amethysts, and more. These sparkly surprises make our diffusers go beyond your usual home decor pieces and create lasting memories, self-care treats, and unforgettable gifts.


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