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Luna Candle Warmer Lamp

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Revolutionise Your Candle Experience!

This candle warmer lamp is a game-changer for candle lovers. With its innovative halogen bulb, this lamp gently melts the top of your candle, allowing the fragrance to fill the room. Experience the ultimate relaxation in any space while safely enjoying your favourite Royal Essence candle, free from the risks associated with naked flames.


  • No Open Flames-  Eliminate the need for a naked flame, ensuring safety and peace of mind.
  • Built in Timer - Automatically turns off the lamp safely after 1, 2 or 4 hours depending on the timer you set.
  • Adjustable Heat Levels - The lamp includes a switch to control the intensity of the heat and light.
  • Quick Melting Time - With the highest heat setting, your candle will melt in approximately 15 minutes, releasing the scent beautifully.
  • Soot-Free and No Wick Trimming - Experience a clean burn with no black smoke or the hassle of trimming a wick.
  • Perfect for Interior Décor- Enhance the ambiance of your space with this lamp that doubles as an attractive home decor piece.
  • Compatible with Royal Essence candles and other candles shorter than 13cm Lamp
  • Height: 34cm
  • Base Diameter: 12.5cm

1 x Candle Warmer Lamp 240v
2 x GU10 240v 50W Halogen Bulbs
(candle not included)

Buy extra 50watt Halogen Bulb:


This product has NO jewellery surprise inside.

2 Year Product Guarantee

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